• Electric, Gas, & Propane Hot Water Heater Repairs & New Energy Efficient Heater Installs in Alton illinois

    At Terry’s Plumbing, we understand the frustration of a cold shower, and we provide water heater repair and installation services to ensure you don’t have to suffer that horror. In fact, we provide services to commercial and residential water heaters and tankless water heaters.  A faulty water heater means you can’t take a comfortable shower at the end of a long day, that dishes will go unwashed and other problems. Terry’s Plumbing provides fast service when you need it most to restore the supply of hot water that you need.

  • Conventional Water Heaters

    Conventional or traditional water heaters are what you’d usually think of. They involve a large tank that holds a mass quantity of hot water to be used. These units are very much in demand and still prevalent in today’s marketplace.

  • Benefits:

    • Supply entire homes, multiple plumbing outlets
    • Reliable
    • Low-maintenance
    • Lower up-front costs

  • Drawbacks:

    • Bulky
    • Costly to repair
    • Costly to replace
    • Inefficient

  • Tankless Water Heaters

    A tankless water heater is just that – tankless. It heats water on demand and helps improve efficiency and water usage. While more efficient, these units are also smaller, and multiple units may be needed to supply an entire home. Furthermore, up-front costs are higher, especially if you have to retrofit your home.

  • Benefits:

    • More efficient
    • Hot water on-demand
    • Wastes less water
    • Takes up less space

  • Drawbacks:

    • Expensive
    • Costly to retrofit
    • Need multiple units for larger homes

  • Talk to a professional at Terry’s Plumbing about your water heater and if going tankless is the right option for you!